Goal 1: Child safety in placement

Children should not experience recurrence of abuse or neglect while under court jurisdiction.  Safety of children is the primary focus of the child in need of care system.


2018 Results:

A total of 2,152 CINC children were served by CASA during 2018.  20 children experienced substantiated recurrence of abuse or neglect during the year.  

  • 99% of children (2132 out of 2152) were safe from additional abuse or neglect.
  • Goal of 95% was exceeded.


Goal 2: CASA stability

Children should experience stability in CASA assignment while under court jurisdiction.  


2018 Results:

112 out of 2,152 children had a change in their CASA volunteer during the year.  

  • 94% of children (2040 out of 2152) experienced stability with their CASA volunteer.
  • Goal of 90% was exceeded.


Goal 3: Children remain in safe, permanent homes

The jurisdiction of the Court should remain in place until children are placed in safe, stable, and permanent homes.  Nationwide statistics show that 15% of abused and neglected children return to the jurisdiction of the Court as children in need of care within two years of the closure of their case.  According to National CASA, the recidivism rate drops to 10% for children served by a CASA volunteer.


2018 Results:

In 2016, 766 children’s cases were closed by CASA programs.  Within a two-year time period (case closure date - December 31, 2018), the originating jurisdiction re-opened CINC cases for 41 children whose cases were closed in 2016.

  • 94% of children (725 out of 766) did not re-enter the originating jurisdiction’s CINC court 2 years following case closure.
  • Goal of 90% was exceeded


Substance Abuse

Number of children whose case involved substance abuse by the parent and/or child


2018 Results:

Of the 2,152 children served by CASA, the cases of 1,359 children had substance abuse involvement.

Substance abuse was involved in 63% of children’s cases


Results are based data compiled from reports of 23 local programs submitted to Kansas CASA Association.

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