Advocacy Services

Family/Victim Advocacy 

The role of the Family/Victim Advocate is to provide onsite support and information during a child’s forensic interview and post appointment follow up. Post appointment follow up can be done via telephone, email, or in person visits. The Family/Victim Advocate is available to discuss the family’s needs, concerns and answer questions. It is the Family/Victim Advocate’s responsibility to help families by connecting them to needed resources. Family/Victim Advocate Services can include but are not limited to:

  • Accessing medical services
  • Accessing mental health services
  • Assistance connecting with the County Attorney’s office Victim Advocate when/if charges are filed
  • Assistance in completing the Crime Victim’s Compensation (CVC) application and act as a liaison with the CVC Board as needed
  • Assistance in locating other support services through DCF including obtaining and completing applications (cash assistance, food stamps, Kancare, child care assistance)
  • Safety information
  • Assistance locating budgeting resources
  • Coordinate services with other community agencies as needed
  • Education resources for children and adults
  • Assistance locating emergency assistance resources/options (utility/rent assistance, clothing, food, etc.)
  • Assistance locating employment resources
  • Assistance locating housing resources/options
  • Assistance locating parenting resources
  • Support at court hearings
  • Support through investigative process

Contact our Family/Victim Advocate:


Katie Curtis-Baker


*Adapted from The Sunflower House “Family Advocacy Services” handout