Education Workshops

Child Advocacy Centers, or CACs, coordinate a collaborative partnership of professionals who are dedicated to providing child-sensitive interviews and compassionate services to children and their families. Professionals representing child protective services, legal, law enforcement, mental health, medical and other disciplines provide a coordinated team response when a child reports abuse or when there is reason to believe a child has been abused or neglected.

Although a CAC doesn’t become involved in child abuse cases until after a report is made requiring them to provide intervention services, these centers also share a goal of stopping abuse before it even starts. Child Advocacy Centers provide child abuse prevention education to hundreds of thousands of individuals annually, often in schools settings but also in their communities. Each CAC has a goal to help educate and raise awareness so their community can stop the pattern before it gets started.

In addition to the presentations pertaining specifically to child abuse prevention and reporting, our CAC  focuses a portion of our outreach on educating community members and professionals that work with at-risk youth. The goal of the CAC will be to help educate those that work with these children to enable them to be more prepared for working with them on a daily basis and allow more guidance in providing these children their needed safety.

Workshops are available for professionals and caregivers to attend.

Handouts from past workshops