Stepping Stones Child Advocacy Center

Stepping Stones Child Advocacy Center

In 2007, Sunflower CASA Project agreed to facilitate the formation of a Child Advocacy Center in Riley County. Child Advocacy Centers, or CACs, coordinate a collaborative partnership of professionals who are dedicated to providing child-sensitive interviews and compassionate services to children and their family. Professionals representing child protective services, legal, law enforcement, mental health, medical and other disciplines provide a coordinated multidisciplinary team response when a child reports abuse or when there is reason to believe a child has been abused or neglected.

Currently there are nearly 800 CACs in the US working under the National Children’s Alliance and there are many more CACs in development. Kansas has almost 20 CACs working across the state, serving as members of the Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Center and the Kansas Chapter of Child Advocacy Centers. Stepping Stones Child Advocacy Center opened its doors on July 1, 2008 and received accreditation in 2012.

What Do Services at the CAC Include?
The multidisciplinary  team approach strives to reduce further trauma to the child and helps the child and family to heal from the emotional wounds associated with abuse. The multidisciplinary approach focuses on prevention, detection, investigation, treatment and prosecution and includes:

*Child-centered investigative interviews
*Multidisciplinary investigations and case management
*Information and referral
*Education and outreach
*Professional in-service training
*Child advocacy